Morongwa, a beacon of hope for the community of Diepsloot

Aveng embraces its responsibility to play a meaningful role in the socio-economic development of the country and its people. The Aveng Community Investment Trust has supported the LEAP School in the Diepsloot area in Gauteng for five years. This school has been the best performing school in Diepsloot for the past two years, with maths and science results well beyond the norm achieved in this community. It is a testament to the dedication and commitment of the learners, teachers and parents.

This month, as we commemorate Youth Day and pay tribute to the 1976 generation of young learners who helped bring about much needed change in our country, we are particularly inspired by some of the learners at our Diepsloot school who are showing great commitment to building our nation. One such learner is Morongwa Ramasobane, a grade 12 learner at LEAP.

Morongwa was born in Alexandra and moved with her sisters to Diepsloot at a young age. Despite her tough upbringing, Morongwa has always had a hunger for learning and a passion to fulfil a leading role in uplifting and empowering her community, particularly women who are often alienated in the Diepsloot community.

Morongwa joined LEAP in 2013 as a Grade 9 learner, after writing an entrance exam and being accepted into the programme. Her vibrant personality, excellent communication skills as well as her passion to uplift and empower those in her community led to her being selected as the Secretary of the Nelson Mandela Children’s Parliament. Her role is to address the many challenges experienced by the youth in disadvantaged communities and to guide the development of viable solutions.

Morongwa played a pivotal role in hosting the World Aids Day activities of the Children’s Parliament in 2015 and is part of the Young Urban Women’s Project, which motivates women to be better leaders and to voice their concerns openly. She was influential in arranging the provision of a mobile clinic, which has been in operation since November 2015 and offers medical care to learners at the LEAP school as well as the surrounding Diepsloot community. Morongwa also assists with after-school tuition which is part of the LEAP Future Leaders programme that offers children from disadvantaged schools the opportunity to attend extra classes in maths, science and English.

Her immediate focus is on passing grade 12 with excellent results and applying for a bursary to study engineering at the University of Cape Town or the University of the Witwatersrand. Over the longer term she will continue to reach out to those in her community and motivate the youth of Diepsloot, as well as youth in other disadvantaged communities, to embrace challenges, look for opportunities and follow their passions.